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Learning How to Write and Read

MAY 22:  Begin by selecting your novel choice for independent summer reading and entering it on NOVEL CHOICE from the menu at the top of the page.  All homework assignments will be listed on this page, and an introduction/instructions as to what to read/do will be listed under each date.  If you see anything underlined in this blue (like the Brontes below), click on it because it is an article or assignment link to read.  

What the Brontes Can Teach You About Writing is a great article about becoming a writer, but even more so, it reminds students how to READ & ANALYZE literature.  The same elements to pay attention to in order to WRITE your own characters and develop your protagonist also reveal critical information to READ in the characters we’ll study through each novel in AP Lit.

The activity Weiland suggests at the end of the article is one that we will incorporate into assignments at the beginning of the school year!  Read, enjoy, learn.